Masaharu Shinya - Founder, President and CEO
Masaharu Shinya brings over 30 years of experience in the high-tech industry as well as his global network of connections to his role as Chairman and CEO. Prior to funding Global Alliance, he served as President and CEO at Kanematsu Semiconductor Corp. (currently Kanematsu Corp. ), a Japanese distributor of semiconductor devices and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. In 1983, he co-founded Universe Electron Corp. (currently Arrow UEC Japan), a distributor of semiconductor and electronic components based in Tokyo and served as Chairman until October 2007. As an angel investor, he has been actively involved in seed and early-stage investments, and his portfolio includes: ACCESS Co., Ltd.; ESS Technology, Inc.; Genesis Microchip, Inc.; GRIC Communications, Inc.; NetScreen Technologies, Inc. (currently Juniper Networks); Oak Technology, Inc.(currently Zoran); O2Micro International Inc., PayPal Inc. (currently eBay); Protego Networks, Inc. (currently Cisco); and Worldwide Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (currently TSMC).

Noboru Kosaka - Managing Director
Noboru Kosaka has nearly 30 years of career in marketing and new business development in the high-tech industry. Prior to Global Alliance, he was Deputy Manager of New Business Development Division at Kanematsu Semiconductor Corp., where he made a great contribution in creating and shaping new business opportunities primarily in the US and Taiwan. Prior to Kanematsu, he spent more than 20 years in overseas marketing of Chinon Industries Inc. (currently Flextronics International), a digital camera designing/developing company based in Nagano.

Etsuo Tazawa - Director
Prior to Global Alliance, Etsuo Tazawa served as an Advisor with Arrow UEC Japan KK, responsible for domestic sales, marketing and market development for overseas semiconductor and electronic component manufacturers. Before Arrow UEC, he was a General Manager of New Business Group, Sales Division at Ricoh Co., Ltd., where he led international sales and marketing for printers and electronic devices and spent more than 15 years in the US, the Netherlands and Germany focusing on exploring and exploiting new overseas market opportunities.