"Information, technology and money are generated by people, and hence People-to-People linkage is the cornerstone of success in any businesses."
- Masaharu Shinya, President & CEO
Global Alliance is a global partner for startups, established companies and venture capitals, with seasoned high-tech industry veterans mobilized. As a value-added consulting firm, we support them by optimizing our wide network of "People-to-People" connections, in-depth technical & industry expertise, marketing know-how, and a diversity of experience and perspectives as well as direct equity investment. We pride ourselves on linking people-to-people, technology-to-technology and Japan-to-the world through our unique approach. We provide strategic alliance opportunities among consulting clients, partners and portfolio companies, which is conductive to generating synergy effect and building solid win-win relationships among the parties.
We work hand-in-hand with our clients, partners, and portfolio companies to help them create and sustain competitive advantage.

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Audio Pixels Inc.
Revolutionary pure digital speaker
cmosis nv
CMOS image sensor
GigaDevice Semiconductor, Inc.
Pure SRAM compatible PSRAM
TechBridge, Inc.
Interactive whiteboard